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If you have fever or symptoms located in the airways, we advise to contact us before your appointment. If you're in need of medical guidance related to Corona, you can contact the medical helpline 116 117. If there is a medical emergency call 113.  If you have any questions regarding Corona, you can contact the Norwegian insitute of public health's informational helpline +47 815 55 015, or visit their website.

Majorstuaklinikken is open as usual. We regularly update and evaluate our infection control measures in accordance to FHI's recommendations.


We also reduce the risk of infection by controlling the number of people on the premises. We understand that ultrasound for pregnant women is often wanted to be done with partner, family and children, but for now it is partner only who can come in to the appointment with the doctor. We have plenty of room in the waiting room and all contact surfaces are cleaned frequently. We understand that this is not an ideal situation, but we follow the recommendations of FHI and for the safety of both you and our employees.


Wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water

Use hand sanitizer when you don't have access to soap and water

Visit FHI or call your GP if you have respiratory symptoms, fever or think you are infected

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