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There are many types of contraceptives, and no women are alike. We can help you find the right birth control. There are both hormonal and non-hormonal birth control methods. There are several different methods such as vaginal ring, contraceptive pills, Nexplanon, injections and patches. The most commonly used contraceptive method is birth control pills and mini-pills, both contain hormones (estrogen and/or progestrone). If you are unsure about what might suit you, you can book a tutorial with one of our doctors.


We offer both copper and hormonal IUD . Copper coil gives birth control effect for five years, hormone coil can give birth control effect for five years (Mirena®, Kyleena®) or three years (Jaydess®, Levosert®). The Nexplanon has a contraceptive effect for three years. Only our doctors insert IUD's and Nexplanon. If you book an appointment for insertion or replacement of a spiral, it will also include a pap smear, ovarian ultrasound, uterus and any other tests if you wish or need it.



Appointments regarding contraception has fixed price of NOK 1400, - (+ any contraceptive if you don't bring your own to the appointment).


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