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Dr. Aiva Lauzikiene

Dr. Azita Mahmoudan is a gynecologist and fertility expert. She has been a physician since 1997, and obstetrician and gynecologist since 2004. Azita has broad experience, and has worked as a gynecologist at the central hospital in Växjö (Sweden) and as a consultant at Volda hospital (Helse Møre and Romsdal). She has a keen interest in helping childless couples achieve the dream of having children. Furthermore she trained as an IVF doctor and has been working with this since 2007. She can conduct fertility assessments and treatments with you and your partner. When you are in a process of IVF / insemination abroad, Azita can give you a safe and sound follow-up. Dr. Azita can assist in all gynecological issues, annual check-ups, pap smear, vaginal ultrasound, contraception, IUD insertion and ultrasound at all stages of pregnancy. Azita is currently pursuing a doctorate at OUS where she is researching PCOS. She can assist women with or with suspicion of PCOS.

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